Crown Control

by Barren Womb

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Released on All Good Clean Records.
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released April 22, 2017

Barren Womb are Timo Silvola & Tony Gonzahl
All music and lyrics by Barren Womb 
Double Bass on track #1 and #5 by Eirik Øien

Recorded and mixed October 2016 by
Eirik Øien at Fjøset Lydstudio, Otterøy, Norway
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Cover photo by Johs Ekker



all rights reserved


Barren Womb Trondheim, Norway

Barren Womb are a Noise Rock duo hailing from Trondheim, Norway.

Armed with nothing more than drums, guitars and their voices, they rely mostly on crude dynamics and the power of the riff to hammer their point across. ... more

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Track Name: Leaning Tower Of TISA
Time of unease 
Final breath of a dying beast
‘Neath the breeze of a black sea
Out of ashes will we rise

Capstone in bills
Wrong-eyed Messiah
Big business sowing
Seeds of destruction

Talk talk talk
Fear to fuel its dirty machine
T.T.I.P. is as good as any lie

See through dream
Do a Lennon, stay in bed
Fall on our knees
Bowing for the lizard king
Track Name: Freak Flag
Hey girl, fly your freak flag high
If it ain’t pretty, there‘s no prying eyes
Let’s do the deed, yeah
My crotch is burning
And I‘m yearning for you

I was born free, porn free, beautiful inside
But this world took me by surprise
Oh the screen, how beautiful it screams
Come on down the dark side with me

Come join the dark side
Come join the cool side
Come on down, follow the blind

I get drunk and you can fuck me
Or get down on your knees
That’s how I like it to be
Sorry for all my sins
Thoughtcrime it is a sin

All wired up, that’s how you see me
With nothing to hide, just soiled inside
Oh yes, there is a dark side

By the worst twisted mankind
Collective perversion of the mind
Fake news, friends, sex
Depleted of pride
Superficial things craved by the blind
I’m all of those things, the all-seeing eye

‘Cause the worst is the best in a hive mind
And no one should have nothing to hide
Track Name: Telescreen Bible
I shake my fist towards the skies
Big surprise, no one replies
All these new Gods, they really got me down
Grinning beneath plastic crowns

Sermons held by crooked men with truth problems
Guide electric sheep through digital glens
The shackles clang, making that same old sound
And the only way out is through the dirt in the ground

Please just let me sleep
Nothing good will come of this

Plowing along at a staggering pace
No one quite remembers how we fell from grace
Radio towers keep blaring static mistakes
On goes the gospel of the united snakes
Track Name: Rules... But How To Break Them?
Hello friends around the world
Let’s not stand idly by while the ruling class
Commits more crimes against the people
Breaking laws they put in place to keep us down

They don’t care about them proles

How much more proof do we need
Before we stand our ground and fight back

Before you act in disbelief
Take a moment and listen to your heart
Corruption is business as usual 
Let’s not act suprised when the hammer falls

They don’t care about them proles

This piece of the puzzle
Should give us the whole picture now

Let’s revolt

Fucking tired of the one percent
Let’s put an end to them
Simple math
I’m gonna say it again to the one percent
We’ll put an end to you
Simple math

Do the math

They don’t care about them proles
Track Name: Enola
The waves took her away
Now we’re lost again
We’re aimlessly drifting along
And hope has all but run out

Look at the mess we are in
There’s a leak and no one can swim

The gift she gave us is gone
Swallowed by the depths
No one will save us out here
And time has all but run out

We won’t give up
We can’t give up